Meet Our Agents

Beth Ann Kingsley is the owner/broker of The Real Estate Company. She and her husband, Ed, live in Halstead. She has been in real estate for 30+ years, and likes to travel in her spare time.Email Beth
Ed Kingsley, sales associate, also teaches high school biology at the Sedgwick public schools. He coaches high school cross country and golf, and Junior High girls basketball. Ed is a big Green Bay Packers fan and collects sports memorabilia in his spare time. Email Ed
Kaylyn Hobbs, sales associate, went to Sedgwick High. Kaylyn now lives in Halstead, with her husband Jimmie and their 3 boys. She is part owner of Harrington and Co., a property management company.Email Kaylyn
Marjie Hecht, Office Manager   Email Marjie
Mitzi   Email Mitzi
Tammy Weber, sales associate. Tammy grew up in New Mexico and is also an occupational therapist with the McPherson County School Districts. She has four children, and her youngest attends Halstead High School. Email Tammy